180 For Better Health – Back Pain

***Mechanical Low Back Pain***

Today’s “180 For Better Health” is about improving your movement patterning. Learning to initiate movements at the hip joint while maintaining a stable lumbopelvic position.

Low back pain can be complex and often requires us to use a multifaceted approach looking not only at the physical but also the psychological factors that could be contributing to the problem. This is important to remember and should always be taken into consideration when treating any patient with lower back pain. Another aspect that cannot be overlooked in my opinion is building a strong foundation and learning good movement patterning.

Improving the conditioning of the muscles around the spine and learning to initiate and control movement safely and effectively.

Included is a nice exercise you can do at home to help ensure you are getting this right.

Remember appropriate exercise is the best medicine!

If you allow yourself to fall into the trap of ‘too much rest’, sitting on the couch all day and allowing the muscles to weaken and waste away, this progressive de conditioning will only add to your current level of pain.

No matter what your current level of back pain/mobility there is always something you can do to help yourself. The key is finding your baseline, what your tolerance is, what exercises work for you and slowly and progressively working from there.

Small changes over time lead to big results. Don’t give up, one step back two steps forward.

At JT Physiotherapy our team of Chartered Physiotherapists and experienced Strength & Conditioning coach Liam can help you put a plan in place to rehab safely and effectively.

Treat your aches and niggles with appropriate exercise. Get out of the house, engage with people, get a plan in place and stick to it.

Move Better, Feel Better, Get Active!

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