Home Visit Service

Home Visit Service

We want to make sure that those who need Chartered Physiotherapy assistance get the expert treatment they deserve. However, travel for people who are less fit or physically able may be an inconvenience. For this reason we offer a Home Visit Service to accommodate those who can’t visit the clinic. 

Home Visit Service


Patients have the choice of attending our Physiotherapy Clinic, which is conveniently located on the Ramelton Road, Letterkenny for management of their complaint or have the Physiotherapist call to their home or place of residence.


Benefits of Home Visit Service:

• Physiotherapist can design specific treatment programs to you and your individual home needs
• Travel stress is removed, particularly for the frail, elderly or those in too much pain
• Familiarity of home surroundings reduces anxiety
• Everyday functional activities can be more effectively addressed e.g. difficulty climbing stairs, getting in/out of bed.


Our Home Visit Service combines ‘Hands On’ treatment, exercise rehabilitation and close liaison with caregivers and healthcare professionals to optimise recovery.  Our Chartered Physiotherapists treat numerous conditions in the home setting including, but not limited to:

• Parkinson Disease
• Stroke patients
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Fractures and breaks
• Arthritic joint/muscular pain
• Respiratory complaints
• Neurological disorders
• Poor mobilisers
• Post surgery e.g. hip/knee replacements, spinal injuries
• Falls and balance problems

Physiotherapy at home allows the rest of the family to be involved in the treatment and gain a better understanding of the condition, as well as giving them an opportunity to ask the physio any questions and also learn how they can help out.

The first Steps

Our Chartered Physiotherapist will call to your home for an initial assessment. This 1 hour appointment involves exploring the patient’s medical history in detail, a physical examination, treatment and a home exercise programme (which can be performed by the client or with help from a family member/carer).
Given the complexity of cases and associated problems, our Home Visit Physiotherapy Service often involves close liaison with family, carers and other healthcare providers.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in providing the best medical and practical advice possible to ensure that you or family member recovers or enhances their day to day lives.

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