MYTH: Exercise is dangerous for back pain!!!

“Exercise is dangerous for me – I need to protect my back from moving” – MYTH!!

Back Pain and Exercise

Back pain can lead us to become fearful of movement or believe that a certain movement will damage something. Protecting your back seems to be the most logical approach when in fact you should be moving and doing physical activities that move the spine correctly. Moving and bending consistently with a rigid, protected back can prevent your recovery, not help it! Creating a new way to move to protect your back can actually aggravate already sensitized soft tissue.

Protective muscle guarding limits your spine moving correctly. Anxiety and fear avoidance of moving can generate altered movement and ongoing stiffness. The worst part is you often do not realise this is so. Restoring correct fluid movement in the spine will, over time, make it less sensitive to flare ups. You need to find out what to relax and what to engage to help you move correctly.

Where to start and how to increase your exercise is key to your rehabilitation. Your exercise plan should be a sustained commitment, not too timid, not too aggressive and aiming to achieve a slow and steady increase in the amount of activity you can do. Your Physiotherapist plays a key role in deciding this.

Not all back pain is serious. Sometimes we just need to get the basics right and start exercising smartly.

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