Nutritional Services

Liam Leech, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, MSc. ANutr.

Liam Leech, ANutr. MSc. Human Nutrition, University of Ulster, BSc. (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, Loughborough University

Whether your aim is to lose body fat, improve performance in a sport, gain muscle or simply to feel better day to day, the food you consume will determine whether you are successful in getting results or not.

JT Physiotherapy’s Nutritionist, Liam Leech will help you on your journey.

Liam’s role in the clinic is to provide our clients with a range of nutritional services including:

Dietary Analysis

A detailed breakdown of current dietary intake vs. recommended intake and advice on how to resolve any highlighted issues.  Extremely beneficial for athletes and also for those who are training anutr logo 1hard but wondering why they are not meeting their weight related goals.

Body Composition Analysis

To track changes in lean muscle tissue and body fat, we measure skinfold thickness using the Harpenden Skinfold Caliper, the industry standard device for body fat measurement and assessment.  Skinfolds and tape measurements provide a more accurate and reliable representation of body composition than weight alone.

Weight Management

Liam will provide you with expert nutritional advice specific to your requirements. Working together to meet short-term goals will ensure that you are consistently moving towards your ideal weight.  Liam is also a highly qualified personal trainer and can accommodate one to one sessions in our private gym if extra physical activity is required.

Performance Nutrition

A combination of dietary analysis, body composition analysis and nutritional advice including timing strategies will ensure athletes are prepared for the demands of high performance training and competition.

We can help you meet your goals.

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