Reformers For Runners

Reformers For Runners

Most running injuries are as a result of poor body conditioning. Often the body is not able to Runner with injured kneemanage the amount of load or activity that is asked of it. If we can make our bodies stronger, we can decrease our risk of injury.

Reformer Pilates can help to improve body strength and body conditioning. As a runner, you require good core and pelvic stability, an area most of us lack focus on. Reformer Pilates helps to activate muscle groups that we are not used to strengthening, such as the smaller gluteal muscles (eg. glute med). Anyone who has been to a class will know how side lying exercises on the reformer to strengthen the glutes feels – not pleasant 🙂

However this is due to the lack of use and attention that these muscles receive. Many running injuries can be avoided by improving hip and core stability, which is a main focus in Reformer Pilates classes. Reformer Pilates helps to improve posture and stability, providing you with better conditioning and making you more efficient as a runner. Efficiency is key and if you can improve running economy, you can improve performance. Similarly staying injury free is crucial and in doing so you can ensure that you do not miss out on training time which will again enhance performance. Reformer Pilates can help to protect the body from the wear and tear caused by running and jogging, greatly reducing the overall risk of injury.

Movements needed for running can be replicated and trained through using the reformer, while offloading the pressure through the joints that comes with pounding out the miles. The reformers are excellent for increasing power output as movements are carried out in very controlled manner with the aim of increasing the muscle strength, allowing for greater power through explosive movements.

Reformer Exercise Demonstration For Runners


There is also a mobility section in the class which promotes flexibility and gets rid of those niggling areas of tightness. No matter what kind of runner you are, competitive or casual, the same muscle groups apply and everyone can benefit. So why not book your class today and see the difference it could make to your training.


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