The Benefits Of Massage

The Benefits Of Massage

Massage has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a range of disorders including:

  • back painMassage
  • neck pain
  • chronic pain
  • anxiety
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • bad circulation

Massage is an old healing tradition used by a variety of different cultures. Manual techniques are used to help mobilise the soft tissue structures in the body. This can help to improve flexibility within the tissue, allowing for a better range of movement and a decreased feeling of tensiMassage quoteon or tightness.

Massage can help to decrease the feeling of anxiety or depression by improving mood. It offers a feeling of relaxation as it stimulates the brain to release endorphins, the chemical that causes the body to relax. Increased levels of stress in the body result in an increase in the amount of cortisol and adrenalin produced, massage can help to decrease the amount of these chemicals being released in the body.

Massage also helps to improve circulation within the body, thereby increasing the speed of recovery after an injury, and may help in injury prevention. Improved circulation will also help improve skin tone and tissue health.

The question is why not?

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2 thoughts on ““The Benefits Of Massage”

  • Frais Spa

    Massage is the best treatment for our body and mind. It helps people to get rid of chronic pains. It play the important role to reduce stress, improve the immune system, helps to control blood pressures and mainly it helps to recover from physical injuries. Keep share information like this.

  • Jane Ambrose

    I have recently been looking for ways to help my husband relieve some of his back pain, so I’ve been curious to see if massage therapy might help his situation. Before reading this, I had no idea that getting a massage can actually help improve blood circulation throughout the body. It seems to me like this kind of treatment has a lot more benefits than just feeling really good. I’ll be sure to share this with him.

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