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One of the most common mistakes we come across in The RunWell Clinic is that many runners try to do too much all at once and inevitably end up getting injured. The RunWell Clinic includes one-to-one personal training in our private gym, nutritional services, running analysis and our two weekly classes; RunWell Reformers and RunWell Mobility. These popular classes are designed to teach people learn how to run correctly and get the tips they need to avoid injury, improve performance and minimise burnout.  

The RunWell Clinic team is made up of Chartered Physiotherapists, an in house Nutritionist and a Sport and Exercise Scientist. The team guides runners through a programme of the most effective exercises designed to ensure they move as efficiently as possible when running, whilst also strengthening and conditioning any potential weak areas. These exercises can be easily incorporated into any routine and include Bodyweight Squats, Glute Bridges and Deadbugs.

When running, it’s worth remembering that we direct up to three times our body weight through our landing foot. This force is transferred from our feet, into our ankles, knees, hips
and back. Any inefficient movements in the running stride or weak points along this chain are targeted by the force and over time, injuries can occur. We believe prevention is better
than intervention and these classes are great for anyone wishing to improve their running
times or minimise their risk of injury.

In our experience, the other key element of training that’s often overlooked is recovery. Many of our athletes and patients benefit from the NormaTec MVP Recovery System, which is one of the first of its kind in private physiotherapy in Ireland. The technology can be used before or after an intense workout, whether you’re a runner, cross fitter, swimmer or power lifter. It helps rejuvenate the muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness, which means less downtime and greater productivity.

The final point is nutrition. Our in-house Nutritionist and Sport and Exercise Scientist Liam Leech offers this advice,

“Whether your aim is to lose body fat, improve performance in a sport, gain muscle or simply to feel better day to day, the food you consume will determine whether you are successful in getting results or not.”

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