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April Blog

We had a 2 week break for our Easter holidays at school, and now I’m back in full swing at JT physiotherapy for my final 2 months here. I honestly can’t believe I’ve been here for 4 months now, time is moving so quickly.

I have to say I always do something different each and every week at JT and I think that’s one of the main reasons I love coming here each week. This month I did a lot of research and advertisement designing. I was fun brainstorming and trying to come up with an ad which was appealing to the eye to draw the reader’s attention to it and also being informative. I had previously researched ads from famous sports brands, trying to get some inspiration. I didn’t realise how much planning actually goes into making and creating an advertisement. From colours, photos and information. I ended up creating two ads so you never know I might see it in the paper one day.

When I had finished designing my ads, Gearoid, one of the physiotherapists spoke to me about how he became a physio and the path he took to get there. As I am in TY and going into 5th year in September we had to choose are subjects for our Leaving Cert recently. I knew what subjects I wanted to take but being able to speak to Gearoid, who knew the different college requirements as he’s recently been through the system, it gave me a little more knowledge of what subjects would benefit me if I wanted to do physiotherapy at college. I think that’s been one of the best things about my work experience at JT Physiotherapy. I’ve been able to work alongside different physios and hear how they got to this point. It’s also given me an aim, after I leave secondary school I want to do study physiotherapy and I now know what it’s like to work in a clinic environment. Hopefully one day I will. That’s where I’m aiming now.

On the 25th of April there was a staff training day which allowed me to work out on reception for the day. I hadn’t worked there for a while so it was good to get back there and remember everything again. I enjoy working on reception now, I remember at the beginning I was so nervous but as time has gone on its just normal. Phone calls were my biggest fear at the beginning but I can now say I’m much better.

There is only 4 weeks left of work experience. May, my final month. Our last official day of work experience is the 23rd of May and I have to say I’ll be sad to leave here. It’s been a great experience working within the clinic. I’ll have to make the most of my last month.


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