“What is your why?”

“What is your why?”

Motivation for recoveryPhysiotherapists are medically trained allied healthcare professionals whose role is to help improve function, movement and pain as a result of injury, disease processes and disorders, conditions and environmental factors (World Congress World Confederation for Physical Therapy [WCPT]).

Everyone has different reasons for attending physiotherapy. However, we may be clinical experts in the human body but you are the expert of your own body! This in turn means that to get you where you want to be and doing whatever “meaningful movement” means to you, there should be collaboration and teamwork with your physiotherapist, rather than a lecture! We need to establish evidence-based physiotherapy treatment plans and long-term goals together. This process it made more efficient and personal by letting us know “what is your why” – your motivation or main reason(s) for seeing us.

Your physiotherapist can’t do all the work for you and the process will require effort and patience on your part, maybe even some behavioural changes to help you on your physiotherapy journey, but letting us know your motivation, your why, allows us to better understand your perspective and improve the quality of the treatment we provide.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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