Cross Border Directive

Cross Border Directive

The Cross Border Directive (CBD) allows EU residents to avail of health services in other EU member states.

How does the Cross Border  Directive Work?

The Cross Border Directive is operated by the HSE. It allows patients on the HSE waiting list to access Physiotherapy treatment (and other treatments) within Northern Ireland or other EU member states; thus receiving their treatment ASAP.

The HSE can reimburse costs incurred; repayment is usually the amount that the treatment would cost in Ireland or the cost of your treatment in Northern Ireland, if that is less.

This means that if you are a public patient on a waiting list for Physiotherapy Treatment you could attend our Derry clinic, receive treatment from our experienced Chartered Physiotherapists and apply to have costs reimbursed.

How to apply for Cross Border Treatment

The process is very straightforward.

1. In the first instance you should contact CBD on 0567784546 / to clarify whether you are eligible for the treatment and to discuss the amount you are entitled to claim back. The patient must pay the costs initially so it is important to have a clear understanding of the process and your entitlement at the outset. Request the appropriate (pink) application form at this point.

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2. Patient is referred for Physiotherapy treatment by GP or consultant. Referral must be addressed to the name of our Physiotherapist, not to JT Physiotherapy. Referral must be signed by doctor personally, not by her/his staff on her/his behalf.

3. Patient attends appointment(s) and is discharged back to GP post treatment.

4. Apply for a reimbursement of your costs – following your appointment(s) you will submit the following to the HSE for reimbursement:
• GP referral letter
• Invoice & receipt from JT Physiotherapy
• Receipt as proof of travel to N. Ireland e.g. purchases ANY item from a shop in the vicinity of clinic and keep the receipt.
• Application form (No. 1) completed by patient and treating Physiotherapist.

We cannot accept liability for any disapproved reimbursement applications as repayment is at the discretion of the HSE.  Contact details for CBD: 0567784546 / 

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