Custom Bike Fittings

Custom Bike Fittings

lone-cyclistCustom Bike Fittings play an important role in injury prevention, as well as improving your overall cycling performance. A bike fitting involves you bringing your bike into JT Physiotherapy where we will carry out an assessment. We can determine if your bike position or body position are incorrect, which in turn could cause an injury and affect your cycling performance.


We believe that bikes should be fitted to suit the geometry of each individual to allow for optimal performance. We will focus on several areas during our assessment, such as saddle height, seat tilt and foot positioning on the pedals. Research shows that if any of these components are compromised it can lead to an asymmetrical riding pattern. This in turn can cause a decrease in power on the down stroke of the pedal. An inefficient bike position can also place unwanted stress on certain parts of the body. For example if a knee is under too much strain due to a certain riding position we can alter the bike set up making the hip work a bit harder to take pressure off the knee. Certain injuries can be accounted for when fitting your bike to suit your individual requirements.

Saddle Height

Having your saddle in a good position is essential as it not only affects the pelvis but the whole lower limb. If your saddle is not at the correct height for you it can affect the angles at your hip, knee and ankle. For example, if your seat is too high it forces your ankle in to planter flexion (toes pointing to the floor), which compromises hamstring effectiveness and allows your pelvis to tilt.

Seat Tilt

A tilt in your seat whether forward, backward, or sideward will have an effect on your lower back (lumbar spine). As your pelvis is connected to your spine, cycling long distances with a tilted seat will place your back in a poor position, potentially causing lower back pain.

Foot Position

During your bike fitting we will look at your foot position on the pedal as certain positions can decrease stresses across knee ligaments. Changing your foot position may also lead to a mechanical advantage for the calf or gluteal muscles, depending on the situation.

Custom Bike Fittings are suitable for cyclists of all abilities, from the elite to the beginner cyclist. Please allow 60 minutes for the session and bring your bike, cycling shorts, and your cycling shoes.

A bike fit is best conducted in conjunction with a biomechanical screening although the service is also available separately. A biomechanical screening looks at your body from head to toe letting us identify any areas of stiffness or weakness that need to be taken into account when fitting your bike. Once the screening is done we provide you with a specialist exercise program tailored to suit your body and target the areas identified in the screen.

For a combined bike fit and biomechanical screening please allow 90-120 minutes

For more information contact the clinic for details

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