Dartfish Gait Analysis

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Dartfish Gait Analysis

The way we move during physical activity can make a big difference to our recovery and the successful return to sport. To help this JT Physiotherapy now have the latest in video movement analysis in the form of Dartfish.

Dartfish enables our Chartered Physiotherapists to use video technology right here in our Letterkenny clinic to highlight and analyse your biomechanical patterns with angles and measurements in slow motion. Any errors in technique can be seen on the system and precise feedback given to correct problems.  This is a great system for troubleshooting technique for cyclists and runners, amongst other sporting activities. 


Running Analysis

Running is a repetitive high impact sport, where your body is required to take a load equivalent to 2.5 times your body weight with each stride, making runners susceptible to overuse injuries. Injuries frequently occur through a combination of poor conditioning, poor training and poor technique. Efficient running not only significantly reduces injury risk, but can also improve performance at the same time.

Dartfish video analysis allows us to closely inspect body movements and identify key movement dysfunctions and technical flaws in your running gait. Our physiotherapists will video you running on our treadmill from the back, side and front, then use Dartfish to look at aspects of your running such as foot strike, trunk position, pelvis level, contact time, and hip/knee/ankle angles. We will also slow down the video to get a frame by frame analysis for more accurate data.

Our physiotherapist will then give you tips to improve your technique as part of a treatment program to help you achieve your running goals.

 Cycling Analysis

Cycling is a sport of repetition of almost identical pedal strokes. Any biomechanical problems or imperfections in this repeated movement can, over time, lead to overuse injuries, pain and decreased performance. Problems can arise from the bike (equipment and set up), or the way you ride the bike (posture, movement patterns and technique).

With our new Dartfish video analysis we will video you from the front, side and back. This allows us to analyse position and identify faulty movement patterns. This will also allow you to view how you sit and move on a bike, something cyclists rarely get the chance to do.

We can then make any necessary changes to your bike set up, teach you correct posture and techniques to offload certain structures, as well as give you advice on training. Along with a full Physiotherapy assessment, we can then develop a treatment plan and rehab program to get you back on your bike and minimise the potential for recurring or future injury.

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