Functional Biomechanical Screening

Biomechanical Screening gives physiotherapists an extensive insight into the way we move. For this reason it is very important in determining what causes injuries and preventing them from re-occurring.


Function Biomechanical Screening in JT Physiotherapy

JT Physiotherapy have developed a Functional Biomechanical Screening Programme which is suitable for both elite athletes and patients who are new to sport or exercise. We use this Screening Programme in two key ways:

1) To comprehensively identify and assess the factors that are causing chronic or recurrent injuries in patients. This can be in the way of strength and control deficits, specific muscle imbalances, joint restrictions or technique faults such as running or cycling patterns. By finding and treating the underlying cause of the injury the patient is able to rehabilitate quickly and return to their sport quickly without recurrences.

2) As a pre-screening before any patient begins to compete in sport or activity. This allows the patient to address any underlying issues they may have, as research shows they are more likely to develop an injury if they were to commence physical activity with these issues present.

JT Physiotherapy have recently used this program to successfully screen and rehabilitate both National and International level athletes for Athletics Ireland, Triathlon Ireland, and local Soccer and Gaelic players competing at the highest level in their sport.

We have also used this screening process to help individuals of every age group who wish to start running or exercising with the confidence that they are doing the right things to look after their body while minimising risk of injury.

Screening is for everyone, not just elite athletes!

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