TY Work Experience – Blog 3, May

I’m in my final 3 weeks now at JT as I enter my final month at JT Physiotherapy. I can’t believe how quick my time here has gone by, from January until now has just flown by. I’ll be sad to leave my work experience here that’s for sure. My final week at JT is Wednesday the 23rd and we break up for our Summer holidays from school on Friday the 25th, so it’s the final week of everything, from work experience to our TY year.

I started my work placement here at JT because I wanted to work in an environment where I would hopefully work some day, a physiotherapy clinic. I mentioned at the beginning of my blogs that I wanted to become a physiotherapist when I finished school and my choice hasn’t changed, working at JT each week has only made me want to do it more!!

I had the chance to work alongside so many talented people and I’ve been able to gain loads of knowledge from them. Talking to the physios about college, courses, work, leaving cert subjects etc may seem boring to others but it has given me knowledge, from people who have completed the courses I want to do. I now have an understanding of the different courses and paths that are available. That information is so beneficial to me. College is a daunting thought as it is, so being able to talk to someone and learn from their experiences, to me is fantastic.

The best thing about working at JT each week has to be the incredible staff team and atmosphere here. It’s such a nice place to come to each week. As well as having to do work experience I’ve been able to see how a business operates on a day-to-day basis. I think work experience is great for students, a key part of TY, as it gives us the chance to experience the real world of work outside of a classroom. JT has been a brilliant business to work for and there isn’t one bad thing I could say about them. I’ve had a brilliant time!

I’ve mentioned this in all of my blogs, but the other highlight of my time at JT has to be the Reformers Pilates Classes. I have really enjoyed taking part in each class. I remember the first time I did reformers back in January, I didn’t know what to expect. I love it now and I hope to continue attending the classes after I complete my work experience. It has so many health benefits but it’s also really fun at the same time. The hour flys by. Definitely one of the highlights of working at JT Physiotherapy!

I have to say I’ll miss being here every Wednesday. It’ll be strange not coming into Letterkenny on a Wednesday morning. I’ll have to find something else to do on a Wednesday now. Most people at school think it’s weird when I say “I’ll miss work experience” as most of them can’t wait for it to be over but I always learn something new every week and I will miss that.

Throughout my time at JT I have achieved more than I ever expected. I’ve written an article, I’ve created advertisements, I’ve conducted research, worked on reception, learned how the systems worked, learned how to do reformers Pilates, wrote a blog, took part in a CPD, saw how the shockwave machine worked and the list goes on. I never expected to do this much at work experience and I have the JT team to thank for making my time so enjoyable.

Like I said before, I will be heading into 5th year in September, I will be sitting my Leaving Cert in 2020. Choosing subjects was a difficult task as these subjects have a big affect on your future. Certain colleges/ courses require certain subjects. Talking to the physios definitely made my decision easier as I had an idea of what I needed to do. Biology, P.E., Spanish and Music where the 4 subjects I chose. I chose Biology and P.E. as they are used for going down the Physiotherapy path, Spanish, as most colleges require a second language and lastly Music to hopefully get my points up. It’ll be a tough couple of years ahead, plenty of work and study involved but I have a goal set, I want to achieve it, hopefully one day I’ll become a Physiotherapist.

Over the 18 weeks at JT I learned so much and I’ve matured as a person. At the beginning of my time at JT phone calls terrified me, booking people in for appointments over the phone or trying to help them with an inquiry just terrified me. I was honestly a bag of nerves, until I got used to it. I apologise to anyone who I dealt with at the beginning, I was so nervous. But I have overcome that fear and now I think nothing of working on reception and answering phone calls. It doesn’t seem like a lot but these little things make a big difference and it was a fear I overcame during my time at JT.

Work experience is definitely a highlight of my Transition Year and I’m so happy I was able to complete it here at JT. I want to say a huge thank you to Johnny, Packie and the amazing team that work at JT Physiotherapy. I have said it 1,000 times but I have loved it here and each and every week I was made to feel welcome and I honestly can’t thank them all enough. I have loved every single minute I was here! Thank you JT Physiotherapy for what has been an amazing opportunity and the best work experience I could have ever wished to do.

Niamh Scanlon

Deele College Raphoe

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