Weight loss and osteoarthritis pain

Weight loss and Osteoarthritis pain

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the one of the most common joint conditions. It is the most frequent cause of reduced mobility and quality of life. Obesity is thought to be a major risk factor for knee OA (Felson et al. 1988). Recent studies carried out on weight loss and OA have found that small changes can make a significant difference to symptoms.

Christensen et al. (2007) found up to 50% improvement in symptoms with a 10% reduction in body weight. Further studies have also found similar results (Messier et al. 2013, Christensen et al. 2015). This can be a useful strategy to help manage symptoms and delay or avoid joint surgery.






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    Have visited several times over the last few years and have benefited greatly on all occasions. On several occasions I had great difficulty getting out of my car to go for treatments and unbelievably could almost jive when leaving. Today my visit was no different, I never leave reviews but felt I needed to this time to spread the word that there is no need to suffer in silence, no need to take my word for it go ahead and try it.
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